EIM Escuela Internacional Mahatantra
EIM   Escuela Internacional Mahatantra


JULY 2016


2-12 JULY 2016


ORIO (Gipuzkoa)

Ontogony Therapy & Self Therapy

2-7 de July

Generating a Relationship with a Partner

Meditation & Mahavidyas

9 & 10 July

Baglamuki & Dhumavati


11 & 12 July

Meditation & Mahavidyas


Bagla Mukhi             Dhumavathi




1. Generating a relationship with a partner.

Three levels of experience.

- Personal conexion with god: Prayers and meditation.

2. The couple, complement & the mirror of the soul - Divine goal karma and the partner.

- The anima & animus.

- Projection of the pearent.

- Psychological work.

3. Psychological dynamics of the couple.

4. Female points, the need to be clear for a healthy relationship.

- Psychological task.

5. Male points, the need to be clear for a healthy relation ship.

 -Psychological task.

6. Different t type of relationship within couples.

- Privileges.

- Rights.

- Responsibilities

- Psychologic task.

7. Areas within a Relationship.

8. Personal Transformation.

- Clarification of personal and family identity.

- True holdnes, Ganesh practice.

- Personal power, mantra Satyam Silvam Sundaram.

- Family karma purification with the letter Shin.

9. Choosing a partner

10. Attracting the right person

- Attracting the idial partner – Red Tara practice.

11. Clarification points to decide if this is the correct partner.




Selected themes and bearings of the therapist’s to be in training.

Note; It’s necessary to take the weeklong Ontogony therapy & Self Therapy.