EIM Escuela Internacional Mahatantra
EIM   Escuela Internacional Mahatantra

Retreats with Dr. Carlos de León

From 6 to 16 July 2017

Beach of BERRIA, Santoña (Cantabria)




July 6th and 7th


The Holy Chalice and Meditation with "Our Father"


6th July Opening: 11.00 a.m.

7th July Closing:    07:00 p.m.


We can consider Kabbalah as the most important, nuclear part of our Judeo-Christian tradition, totally linked to the tradition of the Book, in fact it is the most profound and spiritual level of the Bible’s interpretation.

Carlos de León offers us the path of synthesis, the exegesis of what is really important, the integration of the Hebrew Tradition and its Christian culmination, in a clear, simple and practical way, adapted to our reality, with a deep Love to The figure of the Messiah יִשׁוּﬠ



Tantra and Indian Shamanism

8th and 9th July


Saturday 8th July from 11.00 a.m. to 20.00 p.m.




She is the Queen of the world of phenomena, the one which governs the creation, maintenance and destruction of all phenomena.


She is Maya Shakti. It represents the basic structures of creation, those that hold space, time, consciousness and experience. All the energy networks that support our reality, the primordial patterns.


She is extremely beautiful. This emphasizes the Tantra teaching in which is stated that indeed the universe is beautiful, that the world is beautiful, that what all we see is extremely beautiful, and it is so beautiful, that it is said that Shiva generated his third eye in order to appreciate the beauty of Bhuvaneshwari, as his two eyes were not enough.


Their practice gives us the power to create more loving and beautiful realities in our daily life and without attachments. We are "glancing" at the Divine, her meditative state dissolves the neurotic structures and produces a glow of enlightenment.




Sunday 9th July from 10.00 a.m. to 19.00 p.m.




Cleansing karma.


It symbolizes that the dual mind has stopped and has entered samadhi (a state of spiritual enlightenment). To find ourselves headless means that we have penetrated the divine consciousness, in which the karmic desire is no longer seen as karma, we now find the wisdom hidden in every action.


By meditating with this vibration we can appreciate our karma (personal learning), not as something that is preventing us from enlightening, but as the firewood of our enlightenment.


Transmute basic and simple energies like hatred in pleasure, sexual intercourse in cosmic union.


The great Wisdom (Mahavidya) of Chinnamasta helps to learn how to handle the sexual energies and to control the desires in order to use them in transforming our life into a more conscious love


She represents in the subtle anatomy a central channel in our body and the symbol of cutting our head (the dual mind emphasized in the rational or the emotional) to feed two other channels parallels to the central channel: Ida and Pingala, responsibles for activating more vitality and clarity in our consciousness. Normally, they are inactive but by waking them with the vibration of the mantras that represent Chinnamasta more passion and joy in everything we do in everyday life and a great clarity that cures us of limitations and traumas, are produced.


The practice of Chinamasta teaches us to transmute our unconscious karmic desires, actions and energies, to transform them, into spiritual evolution (Kundalini symbolized by the serpent).





10th to 16th July


Union of the Feminine - Masculine as a way for spiritual path with Ontogony Therapy and High Tantra Techniques.









10 July Opening:   11.00 a.m.

16 July Closing:      02.00 p.m.


  1. Positive elements in a relationship.

  2. Negative elements in a relationship.

  3. Exercises to grow.

  4. Building a healthy and transcendent relationship:

- Familiar connection with God, Shiva practice to connect to the light of God.

- Transformation of the couple and the family, Parvathi mantra.

- Profession, practice of Shiva and manifestation of wealth.

- Finance, Visvamitra Mantra and Acceleration.

- Value and risk, Shaivist practice.

- Happiness and joy in life, Shaivist practice.

- Health, practice of White Tara.

- Fading Obstacles, Mantra of Muruga.

- Sex, Kundalini Yoga for health and sexual joy.

- Compassion and Love, Shaivist practice

- Transcendence, practice of Tara Verde and Shiva

  5. Deciding to have children.

  6. Educating children and Peace for our Inner Child

- Ganesh’s practice

- Manjushri’s practice

- Saraswati’s practice

  7. Abusive relationships.

  8. Healing a Damaged Relationship

  9. Recovering Confidence

10. Forgiveness

11. When it is convenient to separate

12. Divorce and its effects

13. Love and freedom




Hotel "Juan de la COSA"

Playa de Berria, 14

Santoña (Cantabria)

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