EIM Escuela Internacional Mahatantra
EIM   Escuela Internacional Mahatantra

Training in contemplative Therapies


This is a training that includes a release and peace of mind, body and emotions.


It is a practical training of multiple Therapy techniques for personal growth, and it also provides tools to assist or accompany other´s processes.


It provides you a collection of sophisticated techniques of therapy.


It is a map for the full realization of being, achieving the natural state of mind, and a state of contemplation and joy.


It is a fusion of contemporary therapies among ancient spiritual currents of therapeutic value, inspired by authors like Lowen, F. Perls, Jung, J.H. Schultz, Carlos de León de Wit, W. Reich and Buddhist meditative therapeutic techniques, Shaivism, Dzogchen, Kabbalah and Handling of Energy and States of Consciousness.



To whom it may concern


It is aimed at anyone interested in their own personal growth without previous knowledge or with experience.


People interested in having tools to help others, regardless of their interest in making a professional use of it.


Aimed at health professionals who want to expand their knowledge and complete their work practice. Psychologists, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, naturalists, beauticians, physiotherapists.


What will this course prepare you for?


The course trains to silence the internal dialogue.


To have more energy and body awareness.


To cultivate the natural mind of being and the spontaneous meditative states by using the power of conflicts.


To learn how to deal with and identify the causes of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain.


To change and manage all emotions as anger, depression, sadness, anxiety, panic, abandonment, jealousy, insecurity, dissatisfaction, addictions, low self esteem ...


To unlock sexual conflicts and enhance sexuality.


To learn how to treat physical imbalances such as obesity, migraines, impotence, addictions, asthma, nervous tics ...


To increase neuronal connection.