EIM Escuela Internacional Mahatantra
EIM   Escuela Internacional Mahatantra




Origin of Suffering and Transformation. Spiritual anatomy. The Unconscious. Neurosis, Trauma and Karma. The Here and Now. Characterology. Defense mechanism. Pleasure versus Surviving. Reflection of Orgasm. States of Consciousness. Levels of Evolution. Full breathing. Dreams. Heath in Partnerships. Death and Rebirth. Reverie. Meditation. Contemplation. Natural mind.




Year I             BASIC             PRE CONTEMPLATIVE THERAPY


Module I       Emotions in Body Types  

Module II       Chakra Therapy.

Module III      Emotion 100% and free energy flow.

Module IV     Fear, Stress and Defense Mechanisms.

Module V      Deep Massage in 7 Tension Rings.

Module VI     Dreams and Archetypes Interpretation.

Module VII    Space, Form and Self Hypnosis Processes.



Year II            SELF-HELP      PRE NATURAL MIND


Module I        Simultaneous Observation and Mindfulness

Module II       RA Rapid Assimilation of Trauma.

Module III      Therapeutic CHOD. Remove Blocks.

Module IV    Hypnotic States, Past Life.

Module V      Spiritual Psychopathology 1.





Year III           "Natural Mind Contemplative Therapist"

Module I        Mahayoga.

Module II       Sexuality and Spirituality.

Module III      Spiritual Help for death.

Module IV     Exams and Magotherapy.


Module I



"Emotions in Body Types "Workshop


During the childhood we live circumstances that make our bodies defend and tense, therefore different shapes and personalities appear. What would happen if we consciously remodeled our entire body? Why reading your and others body would be useful for you?


The workshop will be about bringing those body areas rejected back together. Those parts of our body that ages, are injured or get sick faster. This way, we find clarity in the unconscious messages.

We will learn that your being chose your body type for a more direct and immediate learning according to your spiritual evolution.


Corporal reading is a tool that teaches us to love more our body and accept ourselves the way we are. 


Module II



Chakras Therapy Workshop


It is an intensive workshop about emotional release, exercises, postures and breathing in order to  loosen each body part and each chakra. It prepares carefully our body for receiving Kundalini, the cosmic strength, in a pleasant way.


KUNDALINI is the "Asleep" spiritual energy, that if it is woken up it is so powerful that floods us with vitality and remarkable clarity, and  gives us a transcendent and conscious evolution through joy, health, unconditional love and total freedom.


The "DANZA NÁDICA" dance will be experienced through indigenous music and meditative states. Unresolved issues will be concluded and we will return to our natural state of fluidity and expansion, where we learn how to dance with the emotions, transform the painful in life and enjoy each moment, connecting us with the flow of life.

This self-knowledge workshop has inspired many people to improve their lives.




Module III




"Emotion 100% and Free Energy Flow"

Therapeutic Workshop


When an emotion is seen at 100%, it is transformed, released, and joy is experienced.


We will learn different tools inspired by Bioenergetics, which have the vision of integrating body, mind and spirit. It is an intensive workshop to harmonize head, heart, genitals while having your feet rooted.


It is a space to explore different ways of managing with emotions and conflicts.


Module IV


Deep Integration Massage within 7 Tension Rings


It is an intensive workshop about emotional, muscular and mental release, which explores the memories in the body and brings them back together with us.


Breathing is improved, internal conflicts are clarified and greater vitality is achieved.


Module V


Dreams Interpretation, Reverie and Astral Travel


The world of dreams is as real as the physical reality.


Every night our subconscious creates dreams to solve everyday conflicts and return to harmony. If we learn how to interpret our dreams we can end our suffering and develop and listen our own wisdom in order to grow with joy and health.


We have an astral body which is possible to be separated from the physical and have no ordinary experiences.


The left hemisphere is emphasized by giving more importance to mental. Because of that, the chance of creation and recreation of the right hemisphere is reduced. Being aware in dreams unifies both hemispheres and endless possibilities of evolution and joy are created.


You may be aware in dreams and change them at will.

With proper guidance and techniques anyone can experience the power of clear dreaming, reverie and unfold.

Module VI





Fear, Stress and Ontogonic Rebirth


It is an experiential workshop in which we will learn how to release stress levels and their effects on the body. We will study the origin of fear, panic and terror and how to release them through therapeutic games. When we recognize the fear as a friend, we start living our life with pleasure and evolution instead of trying to survive in fear and pain.