EIM Escuela Internacional Mahatantra
EIM   Escuela Internacional Mahatantra


I started my shamanic journey with Carlos Castaneda´s books at the age of 19, by putting them into practice in Mexican desserts, forests and jungles until I met his closest disciple in Mexico:The Noble as Castaneda used to call him, referring to Mr. Carlos Hortiz de la Huerta(a mystic, writer and UFO phenomenon researcher). The latter became my sponsor/protector and he invited me to live to “Casa Amatlan” (the warlocks´house),the very centre of power that Castaneda asked him to develop. BesideThe Noble I had my first real teachings as a shaman apprenticeand I also met Carlos Castaneda himself as well as his female group: Carol, Taisha and Florinda. Throughout the years in which I lived with him like a daughter, he taught me as much as he could. Besides, he belonged to those so-called “chamanes graniceros de México”and was, in turn, the assistant of both most famous shamans and scientists at that time such as Pachita and JacoboGrinberg. He introduced me to Carlos Castaneda (doctor of Psychology, author of a wide-variety of books and creator of the so-called model of Ontogony) who is -and has been- my principle spiritual master all over 22 years, who hasalso taken on a lot of shaman apprentices in Canada and Mexico. Thanks to him I have studied for over more than two decades the Tibetan Shamanism under the leadership of many well-known Buddhist Masters as well as Bön, Indonesian, Mexican, Canadian or Hindu Shamanism.

I lived in Europe for over 10 years with a Scandinavian shaman (Swami Shaktananda)accompanying him around several countries in many “power journeys” through which I visited many sacred places that enabled me to learn from local healers.

Currently I am working in both the north of Finland and The Basque Country where I offer trainings of Maha Shamanism, Chikung or Transpersonal Therapy, among others. I am currently the director of “Padmadevi Center: Natural Mind, Contemplative Therapy” in Donostia (The Basque Country).


-          Mexican,graduate in Artsin “la Esmeralda”, Mexico D.F.

-          22 years of experience as Transpersonal Therapist and Body Psycotherapist certified by the International Institute of Ontogony in Vancouver (1992-1994).

-          Psycho energetic psychotherapist certified by Roberto Navarro

-          Tantra instructor certified by Ontogonía Mexico since 1993.

-          Chikung instructor of the 7 lotus Ontogonicschool.

-          13 years as Swami within the lineage Kaula, Aghora and Trika Shaivism of Kashmir by Swami Shaktananda.

-          11 years as Saddhuwithin the lineage Ananda Nama.

-          Certified instructor of White Crane Healing Kung Fu and Healing Massage in Vancouver by Sikung Vincent Chow

-          Instructor of Shamanism certified by Ontogonía México since 1994

-          Studies on Tensegrity with Carlos Castaneda

-          Closely related masters who have guided me personally throughout all these years: Carlos de León, Lennart Aastrup, “The Noble/El Hidalgo” Carlos Castaneda´s disciple, ZaChoeje Rinpoche, Vincent Chow.

-          Student onDzogchen, Mahamudra and Kabbala since 1995 with well-known masters.




The main goal of my work is to help people generate more love, freedom, brightness and greater opening towards the Grace. My aim is to accompany, by means of the greatest awareness,the psychological process that each person is going throughin order to help them discover something new about themselves, embrace their emotions and bring back together the opposites the same way in which I have been loved by my masters. The personal growthdoes hurt every false ego that we believe we are; that is why I always recommend the psycho corporal transpersonal therapy or other auto therapy ways of reaching more clarity. 

The first attempt is to bring back together the consciousness and the unconsciousness by making the therapy participants or people around me feel delighted whilegoing into and seeing who they really are; to learn accepting and listening to their own body and interpreting dreams and life signals by conciliatingboth mind and emotions, one´s female andmale aspects,  as well as the subtle and the physical reality. Ultimately, we try to decrease the personal importance and stop being predictable.

Another attempt of my work is to go in depth regarding the soul where we can better understand the sense/purpose of our existence, the impermanence and our relationship with the universe. To learn to die and reborn symbolically; to increase the observation and remain in a meditative condition on a daily basis.

The target of my personal work as well the maps I offer in the courses or trainings of Shamanism, Tantra, Healing, Transpersonal Therapy, Chikung etc. is the reconciliation with the whole of our being: BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT; as well as to be merged with the AWARENESS/CONSCIOUSNESS, the ENERGY and the PURE ATTEMPT; to be able to love more and more every day as well asto feel happier and relaxed in our daily routine. To acknowledge our very essence whilerecallingandconsciously remaining in our real nature.


My personal preference as a Tantric stimulates me to live and promote making love in every single instant, not only erotic-genital, but regarding the COMMUNION WITH THE WHOLEand finding the light of the Union, and searching the miracle of reconciliation that one may find his/herself far away from. For instance, “becoming one with mum and dad”.To reconcile yourself with these roots (otherwise, how long will it take me to come across my “divine” partner if within my subconscious there is resentment towards my parents?).To become one with what you best like and dislike (that is, in a Jungian way, to reconcile with your hero and adversary). This will help us go beyond good and evil. To love our body and stop getting sick. To give up projecting and blaming others; and once this comes, to aspire to those levels of Cosmic love, even the non-dual, unimaginable ones; and no doubt, to become one, reach the communion with our real nature, with our spirit so that we reach a pure vision, a new body and a luminous reality. That is what Tantra is all about to me: to have the attempt to create love and communion where apparently there is none. That is, whenever there is something boring in our lives convert it into joy or make synchronies delight us and see miracles.

Tantra literally means fluency and expansion, the weave of the essence: it is a vehicle that accompanied by a master´s or a lineage´s help gives us the tools and the initiation along with a protection against our basic ignorance by helping us flow and recognize our very essence in everything. It is easy to recognize the essence of a dusk, a kiss, a banquet or a baby-child; but try instead to be relaxed and tell all the light that emotions such as jealousy, anger, fear, illness, treachery or arrogance actually have. If you can embrace this with observation, become one with those emotions, “making love with these examples”, then that is Tantra. The self-controlled energy is there transformed, released, and joy turns up. Envy, for instance, is transformed into great delight as for others´ happiness.

To me the essence of Tantragoes beyond the Shivaism of Kashmir or the Tibetan Buddhismto many traditions such as Judeo-Christian, Taoist, Sufi… As a result, in my courses I try to make parallelisms of other spiritual traditions as well as explain another way of flowing and expanding our very essence with words and languages nearby according to each person and culture.

I am promoting my students and friends to get to know those great masters that I consider are the closest to their being´s fulfillment. I prefer my students to study with them rather than with me.

I promote, above all, not to create dependence so that everyone is free.

Love and freedom is what I have most learned from my masters.