Terapeuta transpersonal
Terapeuta transpersonal
EIM Escuela Internacional Mahatantra
EIM   Escuela Internacional Mahatantra

Tantric and Shamanic teachings in Helsinki 7,8,9 november 2014


Taught by Swami Liz Padmadevi
It´s the capacity to be aware, representing the clarity or to see clearly the things. Awareness. The power of protection and control over the evil. (Our inner shadow, our bad thoughts, bad actions, bad intention and the power to stop the same from the others.
Her fruit after meditation whith this vibration is protection, dominating the obstacles, independence, self-security, valor, permits to realize acts of power in anything one sets out to do. She gives harmony, abundance and opens possibilities.

Private consultations 
18.00 – 20.00 Introduction to Mahavidyas for the new people Free of charge or donation (pay as you can/feel)

8.11.2014 and 9.1.2014
10.00 – 18.00 
Baglamukhi Cosmic Power
Chamanic energy cleaning techniques
Price €125

The workshop will be held at Gallery Kadieff, Raatimiehenkatu 2, 00140 Helsinki ( Kaivopuisto)
Organizer: Elena Kadieff puh 0400604077



Past Events in Finland


Helsinki 8.5 Mini workshop Ganesh & Rejuvenation and Enlightment

19-21.00 Ceremony: GANESH to remove obstacles*
17-18.45 Meditation: Rejuvenation & Enlightment

Practices from Kriya yoga

*Ganesh heal the inner child, gives self-confidence and personal power
Please bring a "mala" (rosary , necklace of 54 or 108 beads) if possible, if not, assists without it

Place: Gallery Kadieff, Raatimiehenkatu 2 (Kaivopuisto),
00140 Helsinki 

Cost: Donation




Pietarsaari Jakobstad 2-4. 5 "MEXICAN SHAMANISM & HEALING II"

This workshops are open to experienced and new people who would like to deepen their connection to shamanism and Tantra and to those looking for their own spiritual path.

Friday 2.4 
17.00-20.00 Level 1 Basic Protection, Self therapy: "Mirrow of Sand" Iniciation with the primordial power wisdom for Shamanism . 

Saturday 3.4 
10.00 -13.30 Level 2 Subtle Anatomy, Armony and Cleansing of the Aura, Body Awarness- Chi Kung in Energy Management Healing and cleansing techniques with water and smoke
15.00-18.30 Chakras opening with pendul. Clarivoyance development and psychic sensivity
Sunday 4.4 
10.00 -13.30 Remove stagnant energies of aging and disease with feathers . Purifications and protection. 

Sunday 4.4 
15.00-18.30 Rejuvenation and enlightment with Kriya Yoga 

Friday: For new students in Shamanism with Liz 25€, if you want to repeat this subject that we did in March, welcome with any donation .
In the Weekend: 2 workshops each day, you can come in the morning or/and in the evening. 
Each workshop 25€ or both per day 40€ 
The 4 workshops: 75€ this price is flexible, if you need descount just let us know and welcome

Rådhusgatan 3 Raatihuoneenkatu
Jakobstad Pietarsaari
For more info: 050-3033700


Special Training SHAMANIC RETREAT, INARI LAKE Sept 24-28


     This is an Introduction of study program for the Union of body,mind and soul, personal transformation and growth based on spiritual wisdom from Tibetan & Shaivistic Tantra, and from Mexico

     This workshop are open to experienced and new people who would like to deepen their connection to shamanism and Tantra and to those looking for their own spiritual path

29.3 MEXICAN SHAMANISM  10-13.30: Techniques of Cleansing and Protections, Aztec Power animal  15-18.30 : Healing, self healing, Clarity, Psychic,Intuitive and clarivoyance development


30.3 LIVING IN THE TANTRIC WORLD  10-13.30: Working with tantric energies in everyday life,Reconciliation of the femenine and masculine,increasing observation,energy and joy  15-18.30 working with tantric sexual energies


2 workshops each day. You can come in the morning or / and in the evening. Each workshop 25€ or both per day 40€ . The  4 workshop 75€

YOGAWAYS  Rashusgatan 3 Raatihuoneenkatu Jakobstad Pietarsaari For more Info: 050-3033700  peter@yogaways.fi   FB Swami Liz Padmadevi Helsinki


* This game of Leela was created 2000 years ago in India ,it was used by yogis  to know at what level was their process of clarity as a map toward conscious love and the union with cosmic consciousness.  In this fun game we'll see how are we living the emotions, sexuality, the way we think and act beyond what we can say about ourselves, playing in the panel also will learn about the chakras and their psychology, in which chakra or part of our body is our consciousness.  It is a game where the divine synchronicity teaches us who we are and we learn from experiential  way to enjoy rather than suffer the life.* 

It is a game of self-discovery and exploration of consciousness through using a giant board of 20m2, a die and 72 boxes where each space represents a state of the inner being.

 The purpose of the game is to learn how to be a player who enjoys life instead of being  fortune´s fool. The goal is the cosmic consciousness, which involves being one with everything, enjoying every moment. You will learn what are the chakras, states of enlightenment . meditation and  especially to return to our true nature and real love  

During the game players gradually shift across the fields of the playing desk, landing on squares which reflect their relevant inner state, or the existence layer. Our attachments and virtues to advance in life, Examining and thinking over the ideas and concepts of each square the players obtain the experience of inner spiritual development and start transferring it to their real life into the here and the now increasing their awareness and serenity. For instance, a cast of the dice carries the players into the states which need to be strengthened, released, realized, with a view to self-help to improve through the joy.  

Leela often reveals to the player his own attitude to himself through his replies and reactions caused by moving from one square to another, by ups and downs… Just
 like in real life.

 Helsinki  Tuesday  1* *April*     19:45 to 21.30 

 Joogakoulu Shanti

Runeberginkatu 43, 00100 Helsinki

Price: 20€  Booking: lizpadmadevi@gmail.com

FB Swami Liz Padmadevi Helsinki 


Place: Gallery Kadieff, Raatimiehenkatu 2 (Kaivopuisto),

00140 Helsinki       From 17.00-20.00


Every hour we will do new techniques,

 so you can come at 17.00,18.00 or / and 19.00 hrs.



We start a course of lectures and workshops of Art Therapy (2 / 6)




Every colour has a vibration that will  create an experience to get to know ourselves .Colours affect emotions and the senses, it may calm, energise or balance depending on what colours are used.


Colour can be a effective and powerful therapy in colour healing and balancing the mind body and emotions.
Colour can induce healing and regeneration of the body, balances mental stress, expand the mind.
Energises and rejuvenates the body energies, calms and relaxes tensions and anxieties.
The eyes are the windows of the Soul, through color we can contact ourselves 
In the workshop we will explore:
Meditation and visualisation with colours 
Harmonize the elements in the body 
Emotional Release through color
The wisdom of  Using colours in your home  to calm, energise or stimulate mental and physical responses. 


Place: Gallery Kadieff, Raatimiehenkatu 2 (Kaivopuisto) 00140 Helsinki
 From 17.00-20.00 Introduction price: 30€ booking: lizpadmadevi@gmail.com  

2014. February 8,9 : Ancient Tantra,Mantra,Yantra. Goddess MATANGI

We will have an introduction to tantric knowledge of hundreds of years called the 10 cosmic powers (Mahavidias), or 10 faces of the Goddess, an extraordinary potential living inside us, in  this occasion we deepen into a call archetypal Goddess MATANGI , literally means "The beauty of the toxic, sensuality,she is the Goddess of Arts, she understand the lenguage of all animals,cure impotence and addictions, helps keep order at home, good memory, the goddess of forests and wild jungles


 To get to know this  power we will have the opportunity to bring  this energy to the sacred geometry, symbolic patterns (yantras) than to imagine in our body and even draw and paint may cause a change in our reality to again flow and spread out in joy in areas of our lives, this work is based on the combination of sounds in Sanskrit called Mantras they are a vehicle to give a direction to our mind, in this case to produce the fruits of Matangi, you will learn how to use  sacred sounds, for protection, cleanse and revitalize your body.

To familiarize ourselves with the energy of MATANGI will be easier to open the creativity and be wild with wisdom cleaning the sexuality, be easy to feel divine and see the divinity in the others.


MATANGI, helps to awaken Kundalini  in a way that introduces us to the secrets of find yourself in the Arts , dance, painting, poetry, writing,  good speach etc.. she also helps to clean all emotions, with her meditation anyone can transform the anger or jealous or envy in a bliss, in creativity and  she helps to increase the power of sexuality.

You'll take home a Classical Tantra Sadhana (spiritual practice for centuries been used by yogis and yoginis to unlock sexuality and get the harmony in the material world to fuse the spiritual).

  • Facebook – Liz Padmadevi Helsinki    
    • lizpadmadevi@gmail.com 

Mini workshop 16. 12. 2013

Next Monday 


In this mini workshop We will remember

how to recover our personal power 
We will do Energy cleanings from previous relationships. 
Heal the womb . Heal the heart 
This workshop is open for men and women. 

From 17.00 to 20.00h  Cost: Any donation is fine
Every hour we will do new techniques,

so you can come at 17.00,18.00 or / and 19.00 hrs.
Place: ERA NOVA Bookshop Kaserngatan 2, 00140 Helsinki,Finland 

December 14,15 : TANTRA & The healing Path with Angels

14.12.2013 - 15.12.2013

Tantra and the healing path with angels 14.-15.12. Shantissa


All is light and love, there is also light hidden in 'disease' or 'problems' but as we dont see this "light" we experience the pain and aging. 
When experiencing DIVINE LIGHT is possible to transform the discomforts and difficulties in Wisdom and Peace.
Transmission of Divine Light is a Tantric healing technique  in which we connect with  primordial energies of  love and the contemplatives states of the Buddhas for curative.
Purifies, balances and strengthens our physical, emotional and spiritual body, gives clarity and help us to cultivate  states of natural mind. Participants will learn to diagnose and feel the imbalances in the pacients, to revitalize organs, heal emotional and psychological wounds.
Reconstruction of energy channels, even if it is missing an organ can be  energetically woven for greater psychological balance and harmony.
Basic cleanings to remove stagnant energies and help rejuvenate  
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    • lizpadmadevi@gmail.com 

Foto: November 9-10 Ancient Tantra, Mantra and Yantra Tantra means fluidity and expansion, a vehicle, which gives us the tools and techniques to recognize our essence. It is easy to recognize the essence in a sunset, a kiss or a baby but try to be relaxed and be the light you are when you are feeling jealousy, anger, fear, illness, betrayal or pride… Embrace these feelings with observation, become one with these emotions, say Yes to all of life ... This is Tantra

Ancient Tantra Mantra and Yantra

Joogakoulu Shanti Helsinki
November 9, 10 am – 8 pm
November 10, 10 am – 4.30 pm                       


Ancient Tantra

Mantra and Yantra


Tantra means fluidity and expansion, a vehicle, which gives us the tools and techniques to recognize our essence.

It is easy to recognize the essence in a sunset, a kiss or a baby but try to be relaxed and be the light you are when you are feeling jealousy, anger, fear, illness, betrayal or pride…

Embrace these feelings with observation, become one with these emotions, say Yes to all of life ...

This is Tantra


The workshop include:

-       Tantric techniques in Trika Shaivista of Kashmir tradition to clear the energy and observation

-       Purification with breathing to safely awaken Kundalini

-       Introduction to 10 Cosmic Powers (Mahavidya) – Godess Kamala – Purity of Hart and Wishes

-       Exploration of the power of Yantra and Mantra

-       Making parallels with other spiritual traditions (Judeo-Christian, Taoist, Sufi, High Magic, Ancient Chamanism)



With or without experience in the subject


The Workshop is taught by Swami Liz Padmadevi:


TANTRA Instructor certified by Ontogonia Mexico since 1993

13 years as Swami initiated in the lineage Kaula, Aghora and TRIKA Shaivismo of Kashmir by Swami Shaktananda

12 years as Saddhu of the lineage Ananda Nama

22 years of experience as a body psychotherapist and transpersonal therapist certified by the International Institute of Ontogony in Vancouver (1992)

 Psychotherapist (Psycho energetic) certified by Roberto Navarro

Chikung Instructor from the Ontogonic School of 7 lotus

Certified instructor of White Crane Healing Kung Fu and healing massage in Vancouver by Sikung Vincent Chow.

Shamanism  Instructor certified by Ontogonia Mexico since 1994

Studies of tensegrity with Carlos Castaneda school

Dzogchen student with Chogyal Namkhai Norbu since 1994

 Personal guidance from: Carlos de León, Lennart Aastrup, The Hidalgo, disciple of Carlos Castaneda, Za Choeje Rinpoche, Vincent Chow, Androniki Filippatou.



  • Cost 160 Euro     www.jooga.fi   info@jooga.fi                  
  •   Facebook – Liz Padmadevi Helsinki


Privat Event with Swami Liz Padmadevi


 11,12 13 October.2013       Gallery Kadieff Raatimiehenkatu 2                                                                            00140 Helsinki


 Working with Energy

Tantric practices for healing


 During the work-shop

We will remember how to recover our personal power and energy of the Cosmic Mother;

Do energy purification;

Learn tantric healing techniques,

Separation of the pure and impure energies;

How to make Power Objects;

The healing power of Mantra and Yantra;

The healing power of the practices with Deities and Gods


This workshop can be interesting for the people who are already aware of the energy, who are applying it in their life and work, and also for those who are looking for expansion, want to improve their level of vitality, inner happiness, self-knowledge and consciousness.