Terapeuta transpersonal
Terapeuta transpersonal
EIM Escuela Internacional Mahatantra
EIM   Escuela Internacional Mahatantra

Maha Training in "Ancient Tantra & Transmutation" in Helsinki Every month we will have more tantric teachings...

Introduction to   MANTRA YANTRA & TANTRA   In  2014 January 11, 12

  Shiva and one of the 10 Mahavidias:   MATANGI 


This  teaching will start waking up the ability to observe, that in the tantric tradition is called Shiva and although he was represented as the divinity is possible recognize Shiva within us. With an initiation to the meditation to remember the natural state of our mind and from there open ourselves to perceive not only with the logical mind, nor with the senses, but by the totality of our being. (Tradition of the trika shaivista of Kashmir)

We will do purifications with breathing to safely awake Kundalini , this cosmic force that gives us an impressive energy and clarity when it is free and pushes us to evolve in Bliss, which in a loving and passionate sexuality, kundalini, would awaken naturally.

 We will have an introduction to tantric knowledge of hundreds of years called the 10 cosmic powers (Mahavidias), or 10 faces of the Goddess, an extraordinary potential living inside us, in  this occasion we deepen into a call archetypal Goddess MATANGI , literally means "The beauty of the toxic, sensuality,she is the Goddess of Arts, she understand the lenguage of all animals,cure impotence and addictions, helps keep order at home, good memory, the goddess of forests and wild jungles


 To get to know this  power we will have the opportunity to bring  this energy to the sacred geometry, symbolic patterns (yantras) than to imagine in our body and even draw and paint may cause a change in our reality to again flow and spread out in joy in areas of our lives, this work is based on the combination of sounds in Sanskrit called Mantras they are a vehicle to give a direction to our mind, in this case to produce the fruits of Kamala, you will learn how to use  sacred sounds, for protection, cleanse and revitalize your body.

To familiarize ourselves with the energy of MATANGI will be easier to open the creativity and be wild with wisdom cleaning the sexuality, be easy to feel divine and see the divinity in the others.


MATANGI, helps to awaken Kundalini  in a way that introduces us to the secrets of find yourself in the Arts , dance, painting, poetry, writing,  good speach etc.. she also helps to clean all emotions, with her meditation anyone can transform the anger or jealous or envy in a bliss, in creativity and  she helps to Unlock sexuality.

You'll take home a Classical Tantra Sadhana (spiritual practice for centuries been used by yogis and yoginis to unlock sexuality and get the harmony in the material world to fuse the spiritual).


Further TANTRA and TRANSMUTATION  teaching includes: 



Unblock of all fears linked to sexuality in a body-psychotherapy and Transpersonal way.

Tantra techniques related to Trika Shaivism tradition to learn how to clean our energy and mindfulness.

Chikung of the white tiger, which helps to transform the common wrathful into wisdom, and also to improve our bones, muscles and tendons fastness, and prepare ourselves to receive Tantra empowerments linked to the archetypal forces of goddesses like Kali.    Empowerment and levels with Kriya Shatki.  Purifying of the emotional poisons like jealousy, ignorance, attachment, pride and hatred. Self-therapy to cut off all the attachments and give light to sentient beings that need it, following a way of devotion.  



The program also includes:

Objets of power, Painting Yantras, Reciting Mantras, Several Mahavidias, Kriya Yoga Practice, Kundalini Levels, The 11 Yogas of Vajrayoguini, Numerology, Therapeutic Tarot and Chiromancy.  An explanation of the great mandala formed by 21 Taras, Ganesh and Lakshmi. Secrets routes for a sexual transmutation and spiritual practice with consort (using visualizations)


What is Tantra for Liz?

The goal of my personal work as well as the directions I offer in the training courses, whether in Shamanism, Tantra, Healing, Transpersonal Therapy or Qigong is reconciliation with all of our being, achieving fusion with our physical body, soul and spirit, recognizing our essence, remembering our true nature.

My personal preference as TANTRIKA pushes me to live and promote the making love in every moment, not just genital erotic but in COMMUNION with everything, and to find the light of the Union in the miracle of reconciliation with what one feels far; to achieve a pure vision, communion with our true self, our spirit. To me this is Tantra: to have the intent to create love, communion, where apparently there is not, where there is something boring in our lives to do something to transform it into joy, awarded by seeing synchronicities and miracles.

Tantra literally means fluidity and expansion, essential tissue, a vehicle which with the help of a teacher or lineage gives us the tools and techniques, to recognize our essence.  Is easy to recognize the essence in a sunset, a kiss, or a baby but try to be relaxed and see all the light you have when you are feeling jealousy, anger, fear, illness, betrayal or pride. If you can embrace this WITH OBSERVATION, BECOME ONE with those emotions, "make love with these feelings “- that is Tantra, transforming these energies and releasing the underlying joy. Envy for instance becomes great rejoicing in the happiness of others.

For me the essence of Tantra is found not only in Kashmir Shaivism or Tibetan Buddhism, but also in the Judeo-Christian traditions, Taoism, Sufi, High Magic, and ancient Shamanism. In my courses I try to make parallels with other spiritual traditions and.

 Love and Freedom is what I've learned from my Tantric teachers.